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Eight million employees looking to move jobs in 2016

A report from CV Library suggests that almost 8m British employees have resolved to leave their jobs in 2016. The survey found that one quarter of the current 31.2m workers in the UK will make the New Year’s resolution to find a new career, and quit their current role. The report also found that vowing to go to the gym has been seemingly replaced with more work-related hopes as 54% of the 3,300 employees surveyed claimed they planned to make a job-related promise.

46% admitted they were ready for a new job in 2016, not that surprising as almost one third of workers questioned said they return to work after the Christmas holidays feeling unhappy about their employment. Lee Biggins, Founder and Managing Director of CV-Library, explained what these results could mean for the UK jobs market. He said: “Businesses need to be prepared to pull out all the stops in 2016. “They’ll need to work hard to hold on to talented employees, as well as fighting to draw in the best new candidates.

“With workers choosing to leave their jobs in 2016 in the knowledge that they hold all the cards, employers have a challenge ahead of them when it comes to January. However, ensuring that workers feel valued and supported is a good place to start.”

One reason for the apparent dissatisfaction in the British jobs market could be down to the fact that UK employees working in areas such as the technology sector can expect to be paid much less than their American counterparts.