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The driving force behind setting up Abacus Consulting was the passionate belief that Candidates deserved a better level of recognition and service than they were generally receiving from the recruitment industry.

We feel that Candidates should be at least the equal of employers throughout the recruitment process, if not the more important of the two parties. When you are looking to make a career move, it is a far more significant development in your life than that of the hiring manager of the company you will be joining, after all.

As such, we have always focused our consultation on getting it right for you, the work seeker. By properly understanding what is going to make you happy, and meeting your aspirations by ensuring we match you with the right opportunities and organisations, the rest of the process should fall in to place for the client.

To find out more about the different approach we take to candidate care and consultation, please register your interest with us by clicking on the Submit CV tab, or give us a call via the Contact Us page for an informal chat about your current situation