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CV and Interview Tips

CV Preparation

How to stand out in the crowd


  • Use good quality paper
  • Introduce yourself with an opening “profile” paragraph
  • Use summary headings and bullet points
  • Start your career history with your most recent job
  • State your hobbies and interests
  • Explain why you are suited to the job in your covering letter
  • Tailor the CV to the job applied for
  • Get a second opinion (fresh eyes often spot simple errors)


  • Use more than two to three pages
  • Use the first person tense ( i.e “I”) always refer to yourself in the third person
  • Leave unexplained gaps in your career history


If preparation is the key, take advantage of our tips and suggestions and give yourself the edge!


  • Research the company and the job, this is your opportunity to demonstrate how well suited you are to the position and the environment
  • Check directions for where you are going before the day of the interview (go and take a look the night before if possible) and take the company’s phone number with you just in case
  • Dress appropriately: wear a suit
  • Introduce yourself with a firm handshake and make eye contact
  • Plan ahead and ask questions, show the interviewer how interested you are in the job and their company
  • Be conscious of your body language throughout the interview, and always remember to be enthusiastic and smile!


  • Be late!
  • Be negative about why you are leaving your present company