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Whether it is short term work whilst looking for something permanent that you’re after, or you are a professional Interim more interested in a succession of longer assignments or fixed term contracts, we are always interested in hearing from you and keen to help.

We have an extremely experienced team dedicated to developing the temporary market, who fully understand the pros and cons of working in interim roles and will be able to answer all your queries should this be a new arena for you.

There are many benefits to be gained from working in temporary roles, whether it’s the flexibility it affords if you want to focus on interim work on an ongoing basis, or the ability to keep your CV and experience up to date whilst bringing in an income between permanent posts. There is also the growing trend of employers creating a permanent appointment from a temporary contract, if you make the right first impression, so it can be a good way to secure a longer term career.

Roles can be full or part time hours, from a few days to many months in longevity, paid on a timesheet basis for PAYE, Ltd Company Contractors and via Umbrella Companies or directly by the employers for fixed term contracts. Following the introduction of Agency Workers Rights in 2011 you can be assured of many equal terms to permanent employees when your assignment extends beyond 12 weeks.

For further information on how to get started working on a temporary basis, please contact Warwick MacKenzie or Katherine Clark for an informal, confidential chat.

Please use the links below to download any information which you may find useful: