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Employers losing candidates by reacting too slowly

A survey by Expectations! Recruitment Services has found that firms that take more than 24 hours to make a decision about interviewees are increasingly losing candidates to other vacancies. Due to the buoyant times and the skills shortage, the availability cycle of a potential recruit has fallen to just 24 hours, rather than the 2-3 weeks that businesses became accustomed to during the recession.

Jo Long, Director at Expectations! Recruitment Services says: “During a recession, employee loyalty increases as job scarcity and insecurity drive employees to stay with their employer; in turn employers have weeks or even months to fill vacancies, responding to market pressures and expecting excellent value for money.

“Once the market returns to buoyancy, and in this case entering a period of extreme skills shortage, the tables are turned and employees have far greater choice of where to apply and offer their skills.”

Victoria Maddock, Managing Director, Expectations! Recruitment Services says: “Businesses can increase the time they have to appoint a candidate by properly planning their recruitment process.

“Holding all interviews in a 24 or 48 hour window, including professional recruiters or assessment centres, and communicating daily all help to increase the likelihood of ensuring a potential employee is happy to wait.”