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Text speak hinders youth job applications – March 12th

Young job seekers are submitting applications in text speak and require more assistance to prepare them for working life, according to a report. The report, conducted by AMs, discovered that young people are also overestimating the cost of getting a job, “preferring the safety net of the benefits system instead”.

The firm has suggested ways to redress a “fundamental imbalance towards academic study”, although the Welsh government believes that the problem is being exaggerated as youth unemployment is falling faster than in other parts of the UK.

Employers have cited a lack of so-called “soft” or “work-ready” skills, such as time-keeping and knowing how to answer the phone together with more basic numerical and literacy skills.

Insurers Admiral revealed that many young candidates were not successful with their applications because of poor grammar and spelling, despite the company not asking for formal qualifications.